Dietary fiber significantly lowers risk of stroke

According to the American Heart Association, a study was completed in January 2013 that looked at the association of dietary fiber and incident of stroke; specifically, is there a link between eating more fiber and lower risk of stoke? The short answer is yes! Lets look at the supporting evidence from the study.

The study was conducted between January 1990 and May 2012 and looked at healthy participants who reported their fiber intake and incidence of first hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke. It looked at data from soluble fiber, insoluble fiber, cereal fiber and fruit and vegetable fiber independently. Additionally, eight studies were conducted in the United States, Northern Europe, Australia and Japan.

Stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases are the second most common cause of death worldwide; and, that number continues to increase. The benefit of this study provided evidence that dietary changes significantly reduces the risk factors due to fiber intake is associated with improvements in key modifiable risk factors such as hypertension. Greater fiber intake is also associated with improvements in insulin resistance, which has been suggested as a mechanism for the development of hypertension. Also, water soluble fiber aids in regulation of blood cholesterol by slowing absorption of cholesterol.

The study concluded; their findings showed increasing fiber intake for both men and women significantly protects against the risk of stroke. The study further supports the dietary guidelines for fiber intake should be modified to increase the daily requirement. The current daily allowance for fiber in the United States is 25 grams; however, most people in the US average only 13-15 grams. For many reasons getting in dietary fiber is important, make sure you are getting the daily recommended allowance! Your body will thank you!

“Higher total dietary fiber intake is significantly associated with lower risk of first stroke. Overall, findings support dietary recommendations to increase intake of total dietary fiber.”

Dietary fiber intake and risk of first stroke
a systematic review and meta-analysis
Published by the American Heart Association

For more information on how to prevent a stroke, please watch the following four minute video from Dr. Greger, “How to Prevent a Stroke”, found on his free website

Dr. Greger, How to Prevent a Stroke (from

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