Random acts of kindness… you’re helping others and your own health!

Did you know there is a “Random Acts of Kindness” day? Well there is, and, it’s part of a movement to do something kind for others who no doubt will greatly benefit and feel grateful for the kindness you showed. But more than that, did you also know, performing a random act of kindness boosts the giver’s health and happiness? In short, by gifting someone with kindness, you’re gifting yourself better physical and mental health! Now that’s a win-win everyone should be doing.

So how does the giver benefit?

Many recent studies have shown that when we put the well-being of other before our own, and without expecting anything in return, that fires up the “reward center” of our brain which releases those feel-good chemicals giving us a feeling of happiness. Studies also have shown that for those who volunteer they are rewarded with less stress and can even improve depression. And it doesn’t stop there, we also reduce the risk for cognitive impairment and kindness can even help us live longer by giving us a sense of purpose. Experts contribute these health benefits due to adding to our sense of community and belonging, and for years studies have shown that is a key factor to living a longer life.

Lowing blood pressure

Other studies have shown that for those who give either of their time or by donations, it reduces blood pressure and improves heart health. This effect is so strong, it even compares with healthy people who eat well and exercise.

Overall happiness

Research has also shown that being kind will increase feelings of happiness that continue for days afterward. You can take that a step further by being creative with your random acts of kindness; putting thought and creativity into it translates into feelings of joy and strong emotional well being.

The Science of Random Acts of Kindness

What are you waiting for… someone needs our Random Act of Kindness and you’ll be kind to yourself too!

  • Ever thank your postal worker? Leave them a thank you note
  • Know a friend going through a difficult time, be there to listen
  • When driving let the other driver in
  • Be courteous to the person at the check-out counter
  • Pay for someone’s morning coffee
  • Offer to run an errand for a friend or co-worker
  • Walk the neighbors dog if they are feeling ill
  • Challenge yourself to come up with creative ways to show someone else kindness

Gift someone with kindness and you’re gifting yourself better health!

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