New plant-based processed meats, are they good for you? Definitely not!

According to the article linked below from you might have reason to be concerned that the new plant-based meat options, advertised as healthy alternatives, are not so healthy after all. Since these types of foods are new to the market there needs to be more consumer awareness on what’s in these foods, what their nutritional value is and their effect on our health.

Here is a link to the full article, please take a moment to read about these new plant-based meat produces, they are not as healthy as you’re being lead to believe. Many are very high in sodium, calories and fat than the real meat product they were designed to replace.

Click this photo to see full article on
plant-based meats.

One example is the beyond burger, when compared to 85% lean ground beef, it contains more fat (18g vs 15g in beef), higher calories (250 vs 215 for beef) and it has 390mg of sodium. Another example is “Quorn” sausages which have 770mg of sodium per serving, that’s more than 50% of our daily allowance. Lastly, independent tests have discovered dangerous levels of chemical byproducts in soy-based meats.

Before you decide to purchase these foods, please do some research. As with all processed foods, the manufacturers produce them in the most cost effective way, which often results in the use of harmful chemicals or changes in food molecules during processing.

It’s always best to consume whole food products that are not processed. Your body will thank you!

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