Workout challenge of the week: 24 Feb – 01 Mar 2020

As part of living a healthy lifestyle it is important to follow a well-balanced nutrition plan as well as a challenging exercise program designed to get our heart rate up in combination with building endurance and strength (remember more muscle means higher resting metabolic rate; in short you burn more calories each day even at rest). However not everyone has access to a gym or a personal trainer, and, some of you may find it difficult to make the time to workout. So, how to we find quality workouts that can be done at home in 40 minutes or less with little to no equipment?

The goods news is, there are many highly experienced personal trainers on YouTube who post free workouts. I’ve gathered my favorites and beginning this week (on Sundays’) I’ll post a new workout that you can do at home throughout the week. Your challenge is to complete the workout at least three times, preferably four if possible.

A few guidelines to follow:

  1. Complete the workout at least three times each week (hopefully four when you feel you are ready).
  2. Complete the workout between Monday and Sunday each week.
  3. Workouts should be done every other day, (ie: Monday, Wednesday, Friday) unless you plan to do four per week… you’ll have to do two of them on consecutive days (ie: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). It’s your choice on which days work best for you.
  4. Please be sure you warm-up before each workout and stay hydrated.
  5. If you find you’re struggling you can pause the video and rest then rejoin the workout when you feel you are ready.
  6. If you are new to exercise, “take it slow” do not jump in and go all out. You should do these at your level, not the trainers level.
  7. If you have any medical issues or questions, please consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program.

Week Five: 20 Minute dumbbell and body weight workout from Joe, The Body Coach TV. Joe is a fitness trainer and owns a studio (though some workouts he films at his home, so if he can do them at home, so can you!). Joe has a thriving fitness business in England and is growing in popularity on YouTube. If you enjoy his workouts, please subscribe to his channel.

If you watch this video in full screen by hovering your mouse in the bottom right corner and click on the “square”.

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