Staying in shape when you’re busy, ten at home exercises you can do in ten minutes

The following is a suggested list of exercises you can do at home; they require no equipment and you can do them in 10-minute sessions. You can complete this circuit three times for a 30-minute workout, or break it into three 10-minute sessions throughout each day. As always, be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Hope you find these helpful!

One minute body weight squat (note: don’t extend knees over your toes)

One minute side lunge

One minute scissor kicks (note: lift your shoulders and place hands under lower back for support)

One minute push-ups (notice the slow descent and pause at the bottom, that’s called “time under tension” and will keep your bicep muscles engaged longer for a better workout)

One minute Ab-Glute Raises (30-seconds each leg)

One minute side abs (30-seconds each side)

One minute mountain climber (note: you can do them slow, like above, remember time under tension, or speed them up. Work at your individual ability

One minute push-up and side twist (note, you can perform these at a steady pace)

One minute slow elbow to knee bicycles (note: with each leg extension press your heel to fully extend your leg. Also, if you can’t fully reach your elbow to knee no problem, as you do these you’ll get there.

One minute mountain climber – finish strong!

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