A cardiologist’s tips for preventing a heart attack!

This is a video from Dr. Gupta a Consulting Cardiologist. He talks about two types of heart attack and how to prevent them. The first type is when patients have a slow build up of plaque (caused by cholesterol) and begin to feel symptoms due to reduced blood flow to the heart. One of the most common symptoms is chest pain or discomfort, especially during exertion. The second type is more dangerous because there are no symptoms or warning signs and it happens suddenly (which is what happened to me). This type of heart attack occurs when a small spot of plaque breaks off inside the artery and when it does; the body thinks there is a wound and forms a blood clot which can reduce or stop blood flow to the heart. This kind of heart attack occurs when we have high levels of inflammation. Dr. Gupta offers several suggestions for how to reduce inflammation. You can also read this article I previously posted on inflammation and how it increases the risk of heart disease.

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