White potatoes or sweet potatoes, the healthier option is…

For years we’ve all heard the pros and cons of sweet potatoes and white potatoes and the debate over which one is healthier. Lets first talk about what we’ve all been told; which is, white potatoes are too high in carbs and sweet potatoes are a super food. What if I told you both of those are completely wrong? The truth is, white and sweet potatoes provide an array of nutrients when eaten as part of a healthy nutrition plan.

Here are the nutrition facts about each:

White PotatoNutrition FactsSweet Potato
Percent daily
recommended intake
0%Vitamin A438%
28%Vitamin C37%
27%Vitamin B616%
12%Folate (B9)2%
7%Thiamin (B1)8%
5%Riboflavin (B2)7%
12%Niacin (B3)8%
7%Pantothenic Acid (B5)10%
medium size potato 173 grams / medium sweet potato 114 grams

Benefits of eating potatoes and sweet potatoes

  • Both help you feel full
  • Eating them gives you a well balanced variety of carbs
  • Provide you consistent and slow-burning energy
  • Help you achieve health and fitness goals

How to prepare white and sweet potatoes

The healthiest way to prepare either type of potato is to boil, roast, or bake and season with a little olive oil and herbs. Occasionally, you can add butter or sour cream for variety, but try to use those sparingly. Avoid making mashed potatoes with cream and butter, bacon, fried, or in the form of chips. These turn an otherwise healthy food into a unhealthy option. Try a serving size of about one cupped handful (roughly 3/4 cup) for best results and enjoy eating them guilt free!

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